DIY Ayurvedic Astrology : The Two Suns

The Sun is a powerful Sattvic planet representing the connection to our purist, deepest love. This is a core love from which the depths of the soul can be expressed, and it is a love we will fight to protect at any cost. The approach of the Sun is pure and quick and will incinerate anything in its way. There is no negotiating with Sun energy. The Sun operates on the laws of nature only and is quick to correct any imbalance through purification by fire. The Sun represents our signature approach in life, how the eternal part of us interacts with the physical and brings out our radiance and creativity. The inner and outer Suns work together to bring the health and well-being that keeps us connected to our power and with the part of ourselves that remembers we are beings of light.

Ways to interact with the inner and outer Suns:

Before I continue, it's essential to acknowledge that understanding the placement in your birth chart is helpful to fully Embody the two Suns. The manifestation of the Sun in your life can be seen through the sign of Leo and the house/sign where the Sun is in the natal birth chart. 

The inner Sun lives in the spiritual body and moves from the base of the spine to the crown of our head through prana, aka life force or breath. Prana is carried with the breath through the nadis or passages of the nostrils. The outer Sun moves through the sky and communicates with the physical and spiritual bodies. In Yogic Astrology, it is believed that on the winter solstice, the Sun sits at the bottom of the spine; at the darkest point, it pivots to ascend, peaking at the crown of the head at the summer solstice; then it descends the spine again from the lightest point of the summer solstice to the winter solstice We can also feel this same rhythm happening in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Embodying this beautiful dance of the two Suns is a lovely way to interact with nature.

This breathing technique is one way to feel the movement of the energy ascending and descending the spine. Inhaling through the right nostril accesses the pingala nadi, also known as the solar nadi associated with the fire element, increases the fire of the intellect and the masculine energies in the body. This breath can be practiced to move the inner Sun up from the base of the spine and down on the exhale. First, place a finger on the left nostril to close it off, so you're inhaling through the right nostril; switch fingers and close off the right nostril to exhale through the left, then go back to inhaling through the right, exhale through the left; continue this pattern 1-2 minutes in the beginning and building up to 5-10. 

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