I journey alongside intuitive women through the alchemy of menopause, rediscovering bliss in the wisdom years  by reimagining Dharma.  

Even if you are on your Dharmic path and have been for years,  Dharma needs an adjustment at menopause.

Using Ayurveda and Jyotish to:

Reclaim your natural charisma

Restore nourishment

Build Ojas

Enjoy harmonious relationships.

Exude confidence

Embrace Courage

Together, let's navigate this limitless realm and tap into your innate wisdom to manifest a truly fulfilling life so that you rock your wisdom years!


In 2017 I was called to choose the path of Ayurveda at the ripe age of eighteen. Lisa became an extremely grounding force in my life as the universe and its gifts started to unravel in front of me. I’ve been with Lisa thru many journeys and endeavors, losses and gains, and ebbing and flowing. Any classes or programs I have been in with Lisa as my mentor have been so worthwhile but In her recent astrology program, I have felt her gradually progress into her upmost amazing state of being, she is gushing at the seams channeling wisdom that cannot be replaced or found anywhere else. Her guidance and presence in my life are priceless. Lisa is a piece of art that is truly to be treasured in the most abundant and greatest of ways. She is the real deal modern guru. My mamaveda! Thank you 🙏 Jae B

Over the years, I have collaborated with dozens upon dozens of spiritual mentors and those committed to a path of higher wisdom and spiritual truth. However, when I met Lisa, I knew she was set apart and special. I have spent hours on the phone with Lisa. I am consistently amazed by her ability to hold a space of unconditional, non-judgmental love for her clients. There are many spiritual teachers focused on sharing their deep soul wisdom with the world, but what I believe is unique about Lisa lies in her ability to activate and unleash the deep soul wisdom lying within the person that she is counseling and guiding. Lisa has a gift of discernment, and with that comes the ability to make a profound, heart-piercing statement or ask that one probing question that carries with it an ability to unlock, shift, and liberate an individual. Lisa goes over and beyond the call of duty to generally commit fully to the healing and wholeness of her clients. I am counted among the blessed to have discovered and been the recipient of the wisdom gleaned from her life experiences as well as the many years she has devoted to her professional studies. With just a brief look at Lisa's bio, one can easily see she has worn many hats and is well versed in serving others in a plethora of different mediums. However, I feel what makes Lisa truly shine is her compassionate heart and desire to genuinely help her clients work through and release the blockages keeping them from following their highest, destined path. Lisa helps you identify what is holding you back, how to release it, and how to come into a place of authentic wholeness both personally and professionally. Thank you, Lisa, for your sincere friendship and commitment to making this world a brighter, more peaceful place for us all... one person at a time.
~ Misti Rains, Author ☔️ 

“Lisa has been guiding me in Ayurveda for several years. She has provided very personalized care for my body mind and soul. Through an extensive questionnaire and multiple one on one meetings she recommended Ayurvedic protocols relating to my diet, focusing on a seasonal diet, exercise, herbs, since therapies, body work, and lifestyle. This is an ongoing process because Lisa knows we are every evolving beings that have different needs at different times. I have experienced two different Ayurvedic forms of body work from her. The first being Abhyanga. This full body work was done with oil and left me feeling calm and rejuvenated. She also taught me how to do this to myself for my health and well-being daily. The second form is Shirodhara. This involved a steady flow of oil on my forehead which Lisa monitored seamlessly. I've experienced this a few times and the feelings ranged from relaxing to a feeling of mental clarity. Lisa has shared Ayurvedic practices with an ease sureness and knowledge I really value”.
Jill T.

“Lisa offers rare gifts of intuition and inspiration. Her diverse background and commitment to being present in this manifestation of life translates into insights on one's own life path. I found my meeting with her affirming of my truest self and empowering to embrace the complexity of my own journey. Lisa's multifaceted approach to interpreting who I am in this life and what gifts I offer and challenges I face provide a window into sense making that is hugely beneficial and grounding. I walked away with deep trust in who I am and how I show up in this world. I look forward to working more with Lisa for further exploration in the near future”!
Christa B.

“Lisa has a lovely way of sharing ancient wisdom. During my Vedic astrology reading she guided me through a journey of my stars, sharing the flavor of each aspect I have within me. I especially appreciated how she seamlessly identified connections between different placements in my chart, showing me how supported I am by the different doshas. She recommended that I use a specific gemstone to enhance and strengthen my sun and it was beautifully synchronistic that I have a ring that I inherited from my grandmother with that very gemstone. It's something I'm finding very helpful to connect with my own vitality every day. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and kind in her approach. I appreciated her personal attention to details, bringing my awareness to things I had not realized about myself and my journey. She's inspired me to explore more about Ayurveda, something I didn't know much about before this reading, because I can see how useful it can be in my quest to lead a healthy happy life”.
Kimberly D.

“I am very grateful to Lisa for the time and energy she puts into her reading sessions! They are very thorough. She is open to questions and shares her insights, knowledge, and expertise in a thoughtful, clear manner which is readily received. She is very supportive and personable and aides with extended reference and resource information. My experience with Lisa has helped me help myself moving forward. I am happier, more confident, and feel a sense of optimism! Thank you Lisa”!
Brenda D

“Lisa is a very gifted and experienced Certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Vedic Astrologer She is truly sincere, passionate and ethical”.  Peter M